Hot water high pressure cleaner? Idromatic!

Wash the dirt away!

The hot water high pressure cleaner is one of the best products by Idromatic and it represents the upmost of the professional water high pressure cleaners.

All the production of Idromatic has been created to be the best for the cleaning of swimming pools, tiles, garden forniture, cars, walls and also for the celaning of big surfaces such as the ones of the big factories. Idromatic mixes the power of water with a very easy way of use and with the most resistant components.

However, the hot water high pressure cleaner is only one of the Idromatic jewels: see to discover more!

Idromatic is succesful in the professional cleaning market for the durability and reliability of its products. Since 1975 we have been designing tools to use every day in every conditions and easily repairable.

Our goal is to give solutions to the customers and make the cleaning an efficient and profitable activity. ZETA is the result of our long term experience and it is the answer to multiple demands in hot water cleaning.

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