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The professional floor cleaner by Idromatic is one of the best products on the market since it allows you to clean all the surfaces you want with no chemicals or detergents and in a very fast and easy way.

Idromatic is leader in the professional cleaning market and it is famous for the durability of its products. The water high pressure cleaners are all designed to be used in every condition (even for the swimming pool cleaning!) and they are easly repairable and very reliable.

If you want to discover a new dimension for the cleaning, try the professional floor cleaner by Idromatic!

Idromatic is succesful in the professional cleaning market for the durability and reliability of its products. Since 1975 we have been designing tools to use every day in every conditions and easily repairable.

Our goal is to give solutions to the customers and make the cleaning an efficient and profitable activity. ZETA is the result of our long term experience and it is the answer to multiple demands in hot water cleaning.

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